ZINC Cocktail Bar - Giovanni Nardi Photography
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ZINC Cocktail Bar

About This Project

It all started with a rather basic word used informally in French, zinc: a material once commonly associated with an object, a place, the bar counter. Counter that is here the main visible protagonist of the space, a mixed area where you can enjoy both the art of cocktail making and its result. An area that reflects not only the details of components but also the harmony of the whole. From this word – zinc – the form of the architectural and business idea takes shape. The aim is to take some traditional elements and combine them in a new, fresh and personal form, able to capture the multiple features of a dynamic and contemporary cocktail bar. The selection of materials used was inspired by the desire to achieve an image aiming at ’indulgence’, but restrained by the elegance and severity of the combination of individual parts. Metal, wood, cotto, colour. Rough, silky, cold. Reflection, transparency, shadow.

Architecture Photography, Interiors