About This Project

The Botanical Gardens, in particular those of ancient tradition, represent a complex reality in which art, 
science and history are excellently and inseparably linked together. 
By placing the characters, rules and constraints of the plant world at the center of attention, in a 
context of extreme historical and artistic interest,  they represent a meeting point for these two aspects of 
our culture, often artificially kept separate.  This applies in particular to the Botanical Garden of 
Padua (1545), which has the distinction of being the oldest existing Botanical Garden in the world.
The restoration project of the historical parts and the design of the newly acquired parts carried out by
VS Associati has been based on criteria that will give the two parts of the Botanical Garden their own peculiar, 
historical-cultural physiognomy for the first and experimental-exhibition for the second,in a unitary vision.
The concept that guides the project is the theme of biodiversity that starts from reflection on the founding role 
of this institute in the 21st century, five hundred years after its birth.




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